Villa Tips

How to make the most of your Private Villa and House Holiday.

This is your home away from home but the one you only dream about.

You know what we mean it’s the one you dream of while you are sick of sitting in traffic on the way to work, whilst the kids are screaming, it’s the one where dinner does cook itself, the pool cleans itself, if you want a drink or laundry done there is someone to do that for you!

Sounds great doesn’t it? well it’s all possible on a Private Villa and House Holiday in Bali.

We thought that we should give you some tips on the best way to work with you villa or house staff to achieve everything you may want from your stay in Bali.

The tips are not in any order but come from experience of living in Bali with House staff and staying on holidays many times in Villas and houses.

  1. We will send to your Travel Agent a list of food that can be prepared at your chosen villa if you haven’t received please ask your consultant.
  2. All food and drink is bought at local establishments and you pay only the local price for the ingredients in the meals, and whatever the drinks cost there is no surcharge unless notified. The staff will give you the receipts.
  3. Pre order drinks and favourite things you like, not all maybe available but send us a wish list and the villa staff will do their best to fulfill you just pay when you get there. we have a wide range of wine and Spirits available, spirits 50% below local supermarket prices and great Australian made wines from Rp200,000
  4. When in Bali at your villa and you need anything ask your staff to organize it for you remember it make time depending on where you are and please remember they will need cash to buy it.
  5. Like your own house if there is no food it’s very hard for someone to cook so let your staff know what you may want for dinner, lunch or breakfast with plenty of notice.
  6. Balinese aim to please so the staff will wait to be sent home after dinner so please make sure that if you don’t really need them anymore let them know they can go home and you are happy that they do so.
  7. Tipping is subjective but each villa generally has its own guidelines, remember that these are guidelines based on normal service if someone stays behind or goes over and above in your mind reward them, a small amount for you can be a month’s salary for them.
  8. Work with your staff as if they are part of the family or your old friend, in this way they feel respected and you will find that they look after you even better-this is the Balinese way.
  9. We have provided separately a list of recommended restaurants your villa staff can book these for you if you like or visit wining and dining on our website
  10. Language can be a barrier so when you speak with your staff speak slowly and simply and if needed write things down i.e. a shopping list. If you are really stuck please ask the staff to call the villa manager.
  11. When ordering anything it is best to write a list and if there is a brand you want mention that brand.
  12. Wine can be expensive in Bali, local wines like Hattens make a passable Rose otherwise we suggest you visit the wine shop at Casa Gourmet Seminyak Square or Carrefour.
    We now have wholesale wines and spirits available for pre order for your arrival. Spirits are less than 50% of supermarket price. Our wine list is extensive and we can reccomend for you.

    Don’t ask your staff to choose a wine as they more than likely don’t drink wine and you will be disappointed with the result. Either give them parameters to follow or ask them for a taxi to take you there or if you are worried to find these places ask if your staff will join you in a Taxi.

  13. We recommend Casa Gourmet at Seminyak Square for some Wines, meats, vegetables and deli items very well fitted out, great standard and great prices, otherwise Bintang Supermarket has everything you can possibly wish for including not bad bakery items and there is a small organic bakery next to it. Bali Deli is the most famous but you do pay the price for fame but have a great range and Carrefour supermarket has everything and the best bread in Bali.
  14. Laundry is a must and is inexpensive enquire with your staff what is the best way and time it takes. Remember you are not in a hotel and cost will be well almost nothing but time maybe longer.
  15. Pressing and ironing your staff will happily do all of this for you at no cost. we suggest that why not make sure your laundry is uptodate before departure all pressed so when you arrive home no washing to do!!

  16. Massage and Spa services are generally provided by out side operators are fantastic and cost almost nothing compared to Hotels take advantage and relax and enjoy.
  17. Make sure when you go out for dinner and drinks that you have a card or a map with you villa name, address, phone number and clear directions on how to get home, clear landmarks next to your villa entrance is always a good thing to remember.
  18. You will want to do something one day so have a look at the tours and day trips we offer we have gone out of our way to put together excursions and adventures that really let you enjoy Bali and you staff can book them all for you.
  19. Baby sitting and nannies are available and make use of them the cost is nothing compared to developed country and the Balinese love kids. The cost is so low you will go out more nights than you think, just remember to stock up on ice cream for the kids while you are out.  If you are worried about kids near pools hire a nanny and then not only wont your little angel never be near the pool but you will have someone to occupy them all day whilst you do …. What was that dream list again???
  20. If you have a problem at all you will be given the villa managers name on arrival he is on call and will be happy to help you in anyway he can.
  21. Enjoy your stay just remember that you need to ask for what you want don’t be shy, don’t be pushy everyone at you Villa is there to assist you in any way they can.
  22. One of the big questions when travelling with kids is where do I buy the things I need whilst I am away and what facilities are there for them particularly infants and smaller kid.? We are Australian and French background and live in Bali and our son Remi is now almost 3 and he has been brought up in Bali so these are our tips:

             Cots – are available in almost all villas with mosquito nets but must be requested.

              High Chairs- can be arranged just request

              Microwave – most villas have a microwave just double check with your agent.

              Packaged Fruit- this is only available in large cans and best place is Carrefour or Bintang supermarkets.

              Childrens Yoghurts- these are not available although large tubs of normal yoghurt is at Carrefour or Bintang.

               Baby Food(jars,snacks)- best place is Bali Deli for range but Bintang supermarket also has some.

                Disposable Nappies- Carrefour is the standout for these items.

                Baby Wipes, shampoo’s, lotions- Carrefour has a huge range.

                Mosquito Repellant- we reccomend you bring your own ”tropical Strength” and apply 5 times per day. we use from

               Australia Aeroguard roll on, in Bali we buy” kids off” available every supermarket.   

                Bonjela, Sudocream, Fess little noses, baby panadol- all these types of products are unavailable in Bali so please bring your

                                                                                                                             own supply.