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Cooking schools in Italy

Today we will enjoy a professional cooking lesson at the Apicius Culinary Institute..
We would like to start the description of this tour by telling you a little piece of history. “Apicius” was the greatest expert of gastronomy in antiquity. He devoted his life and money to the art of cooking and wrote the most important cooking treatise in Latin “De Re Coquinaria”, revealing the evolution in taste, in terms of food and lifestyle, of the Roman upper class. Today Apicius is a Culinary Institute which associates cooking with the historic and artistic background of Italy. The classes are shaped for people who both approach “The art of Italian Cooking” for the first time, or are experts in the field who feel the need to refresh and deepen their knowledge. Meeting time is at 9:00am at the Institute. Before starting with the hands-on class we will take an hour walking-tour of the local produce market, where the freshest ingredients are available. The top floor houses all of the finest fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers, while the bottom floor displays a variety of meets, cheeses and bread.

We will then head back to class and with the help of the “Chef” we will learn how to cook some delicious dishes belonging to the Tuscan tradition. The following is an example:
Mushroom Crostini or Fresh Tomatoes with Tunafish
First Course
Artichoke Ravioli with pecorino cheese sauce
Second Course
Chicken Florentine style
Tuscan Chestnut cake with raisins, pinenuts and rosemary

It’s now time now to sit down and enjoy what we have been preparing with your own hands. When lunch is over we will head to the “Apicius Tasting Room” where a professional Sommelier will guide us through the basic steps of “Wine Testing” introducing you to 3 great wines of the Tuscan tradition (one red, one white and a dessert wine). At the beginning of the tour each participant will receive a map of Florence, a list of suggested restaurants, a list of museums, a recipe booklet and an apron.

Total Duration: 5 hrs – 5hrs and ½


Enjoy a typically Venetian Cooking Experience with Chef Sebastiano in the intimate setting of one of Venice’s beautiful Private Houses, nestled right in the historical centre.
Your lesson begins with a visit to the historical Rialto Market where you will be introduced to the products as well as the market sellers, many of whom have been providing The Cooking School with the freshest produce for many years. As you stroll through the market together with Sebastiano your chef today, you will not only learn how to spot the best ingredients but also enjoy an introduction to a variety of local produce typical to the area and learn about their use in the Italian Kitchen. Returning to one of Venice’s superb private homes in the historical centre, it is time to put on your aprons and in this intimate environment enjoy a hands-on introduction to some of the most popular Venetian & Italian recipes. During the lesson you will prepare a variety of dishes under the watchful eye of Sebastiano, and also indulge in a short mid lesson break to taste ‘Cichetto’s’ (typical Venetian finger food). Following the lesson, its time to sit down and enjoy the dishes that you earlier prepared before collecting your recipes so that you can repeat and enjoy these dishes after your return home. (lesson duration 3 hours+tasting)
Lessons are held between 9 am and 2 pm.

Cost includes: cooking lesson, visit to Rialto Market, tasting accompanied by water and wine, an apron and a certificate.


Enjoy a very special introduction to the wonderful fresh Mediterranean Cuisine in the heart of Positano at the ever elegant Ristorante Max. A warm welcome awaits you by the very friendly owners as they take you into what seems to be their home, as once inside their world you will be surrounded by some of the most beautiful artwork that you will ever experience in this region. Your Introduction to Cooking Positano Style begins at 9,30am where you will enjoy a demonstration and instruction on the preparation of the famous Penne Pasta dishes and Pizza and the best ways to serve and prepare these well known Italian dishes. You will then move onto other dishes such as Fiori di zucchini and Parmigiana di Melanzane – all of the dishes which you will see prepared today can be then easily prepared too once you return home to impress your friends as at the end of the class around 11,30am you will be given copies of the recipes for the dishes that you earlier prepared. While most of this Class could be considered a ‘cooking demonstration’ there is some hands on involved too. Prior to collecting the recipes and bidding a warm farewell to your hosts you will have the opportunity to taste the dishes that you have earlier prepared… (Duration: 2 Hours)